CI solutions

to transform organizations based in Collaboratorium, and on dontknowschool content

IC Transformation Seminar
Understanding the keys and levers for transformation, specially those related to Collaborative Transformation.
A frame for comprehension and execution. Diagnosis of the initial situation focusing on the obstacles and the way to override them
Executive meeting with CI
Optimization of recurring or ad hoc executive meetings and/or of other teams to deliberate, center and align among all the strategy and plan of action, preparing, developing and following them using tools and metodologies of CI
CI Map of Challenges
Identify, in a collaborative manner, the priorities of the ledership team and of other key persons to align them around a shared, assumed and managed plan of action including really transforming challenges/initiatives.
CI Executive programms
Collaborative learning for the leadership team and rest of collaborators, with first level contents and experts, focused to identify and execute improvements able to transform the business model and the culture of the organization.
CI workshops for salesforce
Collaborative exercises with representatives of the salesforce focused on the identification of opportunities that helps them improve their effectiveness and efficiency, collecting insights of competitiors and clients, following the “rueda de ventas” methodology
CI Workshops of Design Thinking
Redesigning of new products, services, channels, client’s experiences and competitive models through Design Thinking and open innovation, pow-ered with tools and processes of Collaborative Intelligence (phydigital).
CI Redesign of key processes
New ways to work and interact among persons (meetings, decisions, follow up, feedback…) of different areas where collaboration is required, through methodologies and technologies that promotes Collaborative Intelligence.
CI conversations with stakeholders
New ways to dialogue with stakeholders (shareholders, advisors, employ-ees, providers, allies and so forth) more interactive and organized using CI tools and methodologies.