Collaborative Intelligence (CI)

Key to overcome the increasing challenges

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Corporate, society, governance, people, third sector

Dos frentes de investigación aplicada que refuerzan el liderazgo y el trabajo

Mejorar el diálogo
Incrementando conocimiento generalista-humanista

Help the digital deliberation among persons, key step to achieve collaboration.
– Better understand people, raw material of collaboration
– Understand where the world is going and the need to collaborate for its sustainability

ICXCI – Fundación Rafael del Pino Master in Collaborative Intelligence

ICXCI Master in Collaborative Intelligence promoted by Dontknow and Fundación Rafael del Pino,
4 courses of action, 4 final products for the 2016-17 period


Methodology and online collaborative learning tool to promote the organization of shared
knowledge and the initiative.

Tools and online advanced deliberative methodologies to optimize the management of challenges
and collaborative decision making in organizations.


All generalist knowledge (understanding the person + knowing where the world is going) needed – as complement for the specialists – to promote collaboration in 80 multimedia eBooks through seven itineraries with relevant experts

Learn to collaborate

Collaborative Thinking Laboratory at the Fundación Rafael del Pino
Executive Program in Collaborative Intelligence at the Escuela de Organización Industrial (EOI)
Cultural Transformation through CI Workshop at the APD

CI Solutions to find among all where to go

Collaborative strategic decision making system
Management system for leaders to speed up decision making processes and its execution.
Marketing intelligence workshop with the sales force
Capture all market ‘insights’ and alignement of the commercial teams with the new reality.
Orderly deliberation with stakeholders
Capture value from the advisory boards, thinks tanks, new CSR

Collaborative solutions to get where we want

Cultural Transformation Workshop
Diagnosis (kick-off) for the alignment of the persons in charge of the design/execution of the change.
CI Executive Program for leadership teams
Increase the level of generalist knowledge, the alignment and the initiative of key persons
Cultural Change Program
Progressive adaptation of the organization to meet the new demands of the business models

Collaborative projects for the progress of society

The education that we need
Improve education from the knowledge using the potential of the new technologies
Get a life ¡Become an entrepreneur!
Itinerary for the practical assistance for all types of entrepreneurships and an inspiring web series with real examples
G2020 Platform
Improve our society with a better informed and more responsible and consistent citizenship with the help of committed foundations

Crowdlearning Initiatives
Knowledge company designer of the map with more the 10.000 of the more important decisions in the life of a person.
The largest crowd learning community in Spanish with more than 2.500 experts exchanging knowledge
Knowing oneself discovering the world and helping others

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