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A knowledge platform that aids in our decision making process, one of the most vital, and at the same time difficult challenges we face in our lives. The worst decision can often be not making a decision.
Dontknow wants to help you be well informed before making decisions, so your choices are well reasoned and aid you to move forward in life and be happier: decisions made with poor information can make us go backwards, as well as affect third parties. Dontknow helps in acquiring the knowledge that is not always readily accesible or easy to get, because of the excess of information, sources that are badly structured and unreliable, lack of time, or social taboos.
The ways in which dontknow helps to make decisions are:
1. Explaining better what a decision implies
2. Offering the opinions of experts
3. Sharing the most relevant experiences of other people
4. Facilitating the possibility to ask for personalised advice
At, you will find a map with the 10,000 most important decisions you may have to face in your personal, professional, and social life.

A platform that inspires and helps all those who want to share their knowledge, help others understand our world better, and make more informed choices. It allows people to share their knowledge and learn something new in the following domains:
• Coaching and personal development
• Culture and society
• Economy and business
• History
• Legal
• Opinion
• Net worth and legacy
• Politics
• Health, fitness and sport
• Technology and social media
• Trending
Over 4000 collaborators have already contributed, thousands of articles have been published, and over 100 million users have visited the web.

Community of volunteers that share their experience of helping others around the world. The aim of the project is to inspire, guide, and inform, to make it easier for anyone who wants to become a volunteer anywhere around the world.