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ICXCI – Rafael del Pino Foundation

CI Thinking Club
CI Thinking Club

  • Monthly meetings at Rafael del Pino Foundation where we deal with the most current issues of interest, for individuals and organisations, always from the collaborative intelligence and transformation standpoint.
  • Access to all contents of dontknowschool, the digital library that offers the necessary knowledge to undertake your personal transformation as well as that of an organisation. It summarises the knowledge of hundreds of experts and numerous foundations, filtering and organising it into agile, and attractive multimedia ebooks.
  • Access to on-line deliberations that can be followed up by face-to-face meetings.
  • Possibility to contribute and co-create new knowledge, to include in the ebooks organisations request.

To become a member:

  • Be recommended by two members of the Club.
  • Contribute with 25€/month.

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Executive Program on CI
Training teams to face transformation through CI

  • An executive program designed to train management teams to push the transformation of their organisation, promoting the intelligent collaboration amongst them, and at all levels of the organisation. They will be provided with the knowledge and methodologies to undertake this transformation, increasing therefore their possibilities of survival in the short term, and creating value for the com-pany in an increasingly complex, uncertain, and ever-changing world.
  • With a program of contents, experiences, and first-class experts, organized in 24 sessions to be held throughout the year.
  • With a method (methodology + an advanced deliberation tool: Collaboratorium) that is highly collaborative, blends in, facili-tates team effort, and helps to decide how to apply the learned concepts of transformation for the betterment of the company, always with a focus on the core of the business, the satisfac-tion of clients, and at the same time, driving the needed cultur-al change of the company.

Collaborative Intelligence congresses
Transdisciplinary study of CI and its possibilities

  • Congresses held at Rafael del Pino Foundation to facilitate the dialogue between the different disciplines that study the applications, conditions, and obstacles of CI.
  • First-class attendees and an overall focus that looks to join academic knowledge with practical applicability for organi-sations and companies.
  • So this knowledge does not remain purely theoretical, but finds agile ways to land in real life scenarios, boosting and nurturing intelligent collaboration at all levels.

I Congress
II Congress