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En colaboración con Fundación EY

Being an entrepreneur –starting a business or making a living offering a product or service – is increasingly becoming the most viable (and some-times the only!) option for most of the active population. The sooner we become aware of this, the sooner we get going, the higher our chances of succeeding. Although it can be very gratifying, starting a business is not easy. Permanent employment in a big company, or working as a civil servant in an administration, is going to be an increasingly scarcer option for the majority.
When we are told to be entrepreneurs we are being told to actively search for our living, and we may have to face this situation sooner or later.
Becoming an entrepreneur is an alternative or opportunity at the reach of many. It can also become a necessity. It requires conscientious and responsible behaviour, having initiative, “marrying” trial and error, obstinance, perseverance, and above all time. But also training! Under no circumstance does it close doors, on the contrary, it opens them!
It helps build transversal capabilities. It’s a road that in itself marks and brands your professional trajectory. Once you have done it, it is difficult to fit back into the classic hierarchical structure of a company. Your modus operandi, from now on, will be to generate your own resources.
Creating this entrepreneurial initiative and spirit is everyones job. ICXCI, together with the Fundación EY, is working on an itinerary of knowledge and a web series that will facilitate this change in society.
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