Collaborative intelligence [CI]

The key to overcome the increasing and modern challenges.

To change society, governance, the third sector, corporations and people.

“Collaboration is the most powerful lever available for the transformation of organizations. But intelligent collaboration is not achieved only by asking for it, we need to activate pro-cesses to implement it. It is amazing how in just a few months, even leaders and teams not used to collaborate start doing it in a natural way.”
Rafael Mira – Leticia Soberón, Cofounders ICXCI

Collaboration is essential for the urgent transformation of or-ganizations.
No leader or team, without regard of their capacity or advise they receive, are able to find bythemselves the path to follow in environments as complex, uncertain and ever changing as we face in the present times.

We need the knowledge, perspective and efforts of many to maximize our chances to make the best decisions

Collaboration in organizations does not happen spontaneously and it is not easy to introduce, moreover not even everybody desires it.
Not only depends on the style of the leadership and the atti-tudes of the collaborators. And, of course, it is not achieved only by asking people to collaborate.

In the complex organizations present in our society, intelligent collaboration is the result of meticulous design and the setup of collaborative processes.
They are supported by technologies for deliberation and ad-vance decision making processes, applied in the neuralgic cen-ters of interaction among numerous persons.

Discover how the investigations and the solutions of ICXCI help you to push collaboration within your organization, almost without asking for it.

It will surprise you how in just months, even leaders and teams not used to collaborate, will start doing it without even noticing it

Investigaciones aplicadas IC
para transformar las organizaciones


Improve the way in which we dialogue and decide
[beyond meetings, calls and emails]


A completely new way to structure the conversations, take decisions and follow their execution.



Increase the level of knowledge of persons
[beyond specialist knowledge]


All you need to know, beyond specialist knowledge.
To transform and transform yourself.


CI Professorship
ICXCI- Rafael del Pino Foundation


Rafael Mira
Entrepreneur and promoter of Collaborative Intelligence.
Leticia Soberón
Co-creator of Collaboratorium
Derrick de Kerchove
Expert in Connective Intelligence
Enrique Baca
Psychiatrist and an expert in the human being
Amalio Rey
CEO of eMOTools

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