Our goal is to help to build better organizations, corporations and societies, through Collaborative Intelligence processes.

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Study and designs tools for the management of challenges and the collaborative taking of decisions, investigates and delivers educational contents for collaboration and promotes advance deliberation in digital environments



The knowledge that does not improve the life of persons is like the excess of fat in your body: it upsets. From its inception, ICXCI is focused in the development of useful knowledge and methodologies and tools needed to overcome the challenges posed to organizations and societies


ICXCI is connected with a global network of institutions and experts studying and/or applying in-face collaborative methodologies like the “Ateliers d’Intelligence connective”, coordinated by Derrick de Kerchove.e.

1. Understanding the human being

The human being is the core of corporations, institutions, governments and societies, We cannot duly governed organizations or orchestrate collaboration among its members if we do not deeply and accurately understand the human being and if we do not share that knowledge. There is a lot of confusion and distortion about what a person is and what he can achieve.

Where are we now with regard to this goal?

Our society has advance in multiple fronts within the extraordinary complexity and the enormous ignorance about the human being. But what the society and organizations are receiving – emotional intelligence, resilience, mindfulness and so forth – are just definitions and unrelated intuitions -; we are running the risk of simplification and reductionism, or worst, of fraud or pseudo knowledge. Even the most accurate investigations about the person (genomics, mother cells, neuroscience…) move along in parallels paths, without communicating or exchanging knowledge with the rest of disciplines. And we need a global view.

Operating Product:

To sort the knowledge about the human being , so valuable to the organizations, ICXCI have created an anthropological operative frame of the human being.

2. Knowing where the world is heading

At this moment, there are ten big trends of a planetary dimension which threatens the sustainability of the planet and that for its resolution demands the active and decided collaboration of corporations, governments, third sector and citizens . At another level, we are facing substantial educative, sanitary and other changes within or societies and the so-called “wicked problems” requires collaborative and synchronic actions from all the involved. But the level of awareness and understanding of these challenges is still very low.

Where are we now with regard to this goal?

We have investigated all facilitators and inhibitors for the deliberation in digital environments and captured them in a series of e-books and also we have developed a platform for advance digital deliberations

3. Orderly deliberation

Facilitates an orderly deliberation

Our world is an uncertain and complex place where difficulties to find a systematic path to follow keep increasing for leaders and working teams, regardless of their qualifications. We need the collaboration of all those who have something to contribute with overcome the challenges we are facing. And the way to obtain that collaboration within a group is something we still have to solve.

Where are we today with regard to this goal?

Society has solved the way to communicate (broadcast information through different channels: (smart phones, email, G+, Yammer, Skype, social networks…) but not the way to produce knowledge and decisions among large groups of persons. From the moment we decide to bring together a group of persons we face a problem. It is very unusual to benefit from the potential all those persons and meet our expectative. Operating Product: a space for deliberation and the taking the best decisions.