Collaborative projects for a better society

The education that we need

General principles of this initiative

Traditionally, education is an activity but also a universal challenge in our history. Each historic episode shows different positions when analyzing and resolving educative matters. Education is an activity but also a universal challenge in the history of the human being

The improvement of education is an important, urgent and very complex challenge.

Technology progress offers extraordinary possibilities, but we need to incardinate it in a frame of understanding and acting towards a new concept of education.

During these last years, ICXCI and Dontknow have been working in this new concept with the collaboration of 14 experts from different disciplines, nationalities, ideologies and beliefs. The improvement of education requires the collaboration of all educative agents: families, professors, educative centers, public and private sectors, the media…

As part of this initiative, and with the collaboration of AEF (Spanish Association of Foundations), has developed an intelligent inventory of educative activities of the 125 most active Spanish foundations in this field.


Get a life : Become a Entrepreneur

Launching as a entrepreneur a new business, service or product its becoming a more and more frequent the most viable option (even, the only one that remains¡¡) for many people. The sooner we understand this new scenario, the sooner we start moving, our chance to success will increase. Because launching our own business is a very satisfying idea, but it so not easy to do.

A secured job in a big corporation or in the public sector is becoming each day more and more difficult and scarce option for most of us. When we are told we need to become entrepreneurs, they are just saying that we need to get a life by ourselves. And we may be in that situation at any time.

Entrepreneurship is an alternative and an opportunity within the reach of anybody, but it may also be a necessity. It requires awareness, responsibility and initiative, test/error, perseverance and, most important, time. But also requires training¡¡¡ It never closes doors, much to the contrary, ¡¡it opens them!! It helps to build transversal capacities. It is a path which in itself will influence your professional road. Once you launch your own business initiative, it will be difficult to fit in the traditional hierarchy. From there on your view will be set in generating your own resources and building your own life.

Creating this entrepreneurship conscience and initiative is in our hands. El ICXCi and Fundación EY are working together in the design of an itinerary of the knowledge needed and a web series that facilitates this channel in our society.


Democratic Regeneration: G2020

The target of G2020 is to address 20 main issues for the improvement of our society from here to 2020. A new ingredient in the methodology to jointly deal with issues regarding:

A strict understanding of the human being

What the human being keeps inventing and creating: where the science world is going, the technology, the thought, the beliefs and the art.

Download the puff to check the 20 issues

Besides this big 20 issues, the G2020 will study punctual issues according to the priorities of the society in each moment and programs of its partners

The G2020 platform in collaboration with Dontknow offers several widgets centered in the Collaborative Intelligence: webs, social networks,… with all those persons interested in promoting quality debates for the improvement of the civil society.