Collaborative Intelligence Professorship at ICXCI-Fundación Rafael del Pino

Qué aporta

Reasons to promote a Collaborative Intelligence Professorship:

1. Collaborative Intelligence has become an opportunity and a need for those organizations and societies which want to increase their possibilities to survive and to create value in a global world subjected to accelerated changes. In a world where multiple trends and technologies are continuously interacting, the CI is key to overcome the challenges we face every day

2 .The direct consequence of this acceleration is that it is practically impossible for a leader and the executive team, regardless of their qualifications, to systematically find the paths to follow by themselves. They need the collaboration of others that have something to contribute with. But this collaboration is not automatic or easy in high internal competitive environments. We need to investigate and find applications in three fronts related with Intelligent Collaboration.

  • A better understanding of the person – the raw material of organizations – and how we want them to collaborate.
  • Learning where the world is heading and the need for collaboration among corporations, governments and citizens for its sustainability.
  • Finding new ways to articulate the collaboration among organizations, creating adequate face to face and digital spaces for advance deliberations and the taking of decisions that increase the possibilities to hit the mark, so from a more fluid and horizontal dialogue transform our culture aligning it with the new environments needs


Investigation fronts

1. Basic investigations

  • How to identify and coordinate synergies between competitiveness and cooperation from a better understanding of persons and how they relate among them. Both within the organizations and among organizations
    y cómo se relaciona con los demás. Intraorganización e interorganizaciones.
  • How to articulate collaboration within high internal competitiveness, overcoming cultural resistances
  • How to articulate collaboration in complex organizations from a better digital deliberation

2. Training

  • First open Executive Program in Collaborative Intelligence for managers of organizations
  • IC workshop with a high practical level for top managers.
  • In-company training
  • Other educative proposals.

3. Counseling

  • Design and coordination of projects where Intelligent Collaboration is key for their resolution (i.e. education, creation of employment…)
    para su resolución (ej: educación, creación de trabajo…)
  • For corporations, governments, third sector, international institutions.

4. Divulgación

  • Annual International Congress with leading international experts.
  • Laboratory of ideas and experiences with CI propellers.
  • Web
  • Publications and seminars


Final Products

4 projects of applicable investigations for 2016-17

Product 1
Undertake the three basic CI investigations (+eBooks +books):

  • A better understanding of the human being based in an operative anthropological frame focused in the limits and possibilities of collaboration among persons within competitive organizations.
  • How to lead culture towards collaboration of corporate organizations with high internal competitiveness and resistance to change.
  • Better understanding of how to articulate the collaboration among organizations born from the impulse of an orderly deliberation.

Product 2
Release, with the support EOI, the first season of an exclusive and highly specialized executive program of Collaborative Intelligence for top managers.

Product 3
Annual Congress in Spain of Collaborative Intelligence, in collaboration with the FRD, of a Collaborative Intelligence Congress with experts, institutions and corporations of international prestige.

Product 4
A collaborative digital space of reference dealing with CI ( ICXCI’s web) and the promotion of in face meetings among experts and professionals interested in the promotion of collaboration within their organizations and willing to share their experiences.